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[Extended Version]
embedded_item1500388971860 by X-KyaraSomikoCat-X
When people say they think of you in a horrible way, say every flaw you have, then why are they friends? I'm tired of sucking up to people, just to be good enough in their eyes. If I'm not good enough, then why keep talking to me?? I have a personality. I'm the way I am. I'm sorry I'm not good enough, but frankly, I don't understand the dumb views everyone has. Saying your a b*tch, and your bad and such, thats their opinion. And everyone is a b*tch, and them if their saying how horrible you are. I'm tired of it. If people don't like me, I give up. I'm going to stop crying for them to think I'm good, just because they don't care. Especially if they complain about problems they have, I get it, your annoyed, just stop complaining and I will too, ok? I've been upset and did bad things, and so have you. So has everyone. You know what, go find yourself a "better friend" than making me cry and say your tired of me. I have a life. Of friends, family, 3 younger siblings, and those are people who care. I'm not going to get my siblings worried because I'm crying and won't leave the bathroom. Just, don't talk to someone you don't like, and move on. I try to ignore others, but others think its "bad". If someone hurt me, I'm not going back to them again. I don't care if all my "friends" say my choices in life are bad. You can't control my life. If you could, you would have killed me by now. I can get dramatic, I can be extremely sensitive. If you don't like that, leave my life. Thank you for your time.